Friday Reading List. 10/02/2023

DECOLONISATION Decolonising Science Helen Pluckrose, Guest Post. "STEM Needs No 'Decolonization': Dismantle the (Entirely Western) Concept of 'Decolonization'," Jussim, Lee, Unsafe Science. Science, February 9, 2023,, accessed February 10, 2023. MODES OF QUESTIONING EDI-RELATED POLICY, PROGRAMMES, INITIATIVES, AND DISCOURSE. Humour/Woke Maher, Bill. "New Rule: A Woke Revolution," Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO), Feb … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 10/02/2023

Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.

Two categories this entry: Miscellaneous Social Phenomena and The Possible Relations-to or Implications-for EDI (Today: Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression) Anti-Oppression: A few examples of anti-oppression commitments and activities in Canadian Universities MISCELLANEOUS SOCIAL PHENOMENA AND THEIR POSSIBLE RELATIONS-TO OR IMPLICATIONS-FOR EDI Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression I'm curious about the social phenomena that has contributed to Woke-ism, SJW-ism, … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.

Guest Post by Dr Paul Viminitz: Reduction.

Dr Paul Viminitz is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lethbridge. No one can accuse me of being fair. But were I to be, then yes, every discipline has its own vocabulary, its own syntax, its own rules of inference … Words, phrases, sentences, they all take their meaning from the discourse in … Continue reading Guest Post by Dr Paul Viminitz: Reduction.

A Speakeasy in the Age of (Speech) Prohibition

In addition to my research, I draw satirical and social & political cartoons I call Saturday Morning Pam-toons (the idea being that I'd publish a new one every Saturday - which hasn't been the case most of this year). The following Pam-toon appeared in the September 2021 edition of the SAFS (Society for Academic Freedom … Continue reading A Speakeasy in the Age of (Speech) Prohibition