Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.

An EDI Pledge DiAngelo's White Fragility and Canadian Universities STATEMENTS, COMMITMENTS, PLEDGES, OATHS 1.An EDI Pledge "Through these actions, I will uphold my commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion." Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) "Equity and Community Inclusion Pledge,"Vice President, Equity and Community Inclusion,, accessed March 17, 2023. The pledge originated at a "Soup and … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.


Friday Reading List. 06/01/2023. (Theme: Implicit Bias)

Six subheadings in this entry: 1) About the overarching EDI initiative in Canadian universities 2) Canadian Universities, Implicit Bias & EDI, examples 3) Why are some reluctant to criticise EDI programmes? 4) Hunting Implicit Biases (e.g anonymous reporting and bias incident response teams) 5) Questions and Controversy Around the Accuracy of Tests, the Efficacy of … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 06/01/2023. (Theme: Implicit Bias)