Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.

An EDI Pledge DiAngelo's White Fragility and Canadian Universities STATEMENTS, COMMITMENTS, PLEDGES, OATHS 1.An EDI Pledge "Through these actions, I will uphold my commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion." Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) "Equity and Community Inclusion Pledge,"Vice President, Equity and Community Inclusion,, accessed March 17, 2023. The pledge originated at a "Soup and … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.


Friday Reading List.17/02/2023.

Unconscious/Implicit Bias. 12 reasons to be skeptical. Diversity. A paper on the lack of ideological diversity in the discipline of philosophy and worries about its implications for reliable belief formation. Academic freedom. A recent Canadian university cancelation and two articles concerning academic freedom. One provides a brief history, the other illustrates the risks scholars across … Continue reading Friday Reading List.17/02/2023.