A Directory of Canadian Universities with Links to Their Respective EDI & EDI-Related Offices: Prince Edward Island.

Note: I've been posting for individual provinces and territories as I complete each directory. This project will be complete in a few days, at which point I will post an entire Canadian directory. UPEI available in docx or PDF as follows: PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDDownload PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDDownload


Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.

An EDI Pledge DiAngelo's White Fragility and Canadian Universities STATEMENTS, COMMITMENTS, PLEDGES, OATHS 1.An EDI Pledge "Through these actions, I will uphold my commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion." Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) "Equity and Community Inclusion Pledge,"Vice President, Equity and Community Inclusion, https://www.torontomu.ca/equity/resources/equity-community-inclusion-pledge/, accessed March 17, 2023. The pledge originated at a "Soup and … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 17/03/23.

Friday Reading List. 20/01/2022.

Two categories this entry: Modes of questioning EDI-related policy, programmes, initiatives, and discourse. (Today: Diplomacy and Satire) EDI in Science. (Today: A spotlight on one cluster of EDI activity) MODES OF QUESTIONING EDI-RELATED POLICY, PROGRAMMES, INITIATIVES, AND DISCOURSE. In my About post at the outset of this blog, I said, "I worry about the possible … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 20/01/2022.

Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.

Two categories this entry: Miscellaneous Social Phenomena and The Possible Relations-to or Implications-for EDI (Today: Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression) Anti-Oppression: A few examples of anti-oppression commitments and activities in Canadian Universities MISCELLANEOUS SOCIAL PHENOMENA AND THEIR POSSIBLE RELATIONS-TO OR IMPLICATIONS-FOR EDI Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression I'm curious about the social phenomena that has contributed to Woke-ism, SJW-ism, … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.

Friday Reading List. 06/01/2023. (Theme: Implicit Bias)

Six subheadings in this entry: 1) About the overarching EDI initiative in Canadian universities 2) Canadian Universities, Implicit Bias & EDI, examples 3) Why are some reluctant to criticise EDI programmes? 4) Hunting Implicit Biases (e.g anonymous reporting and bias incident response teams) 5) Questions and Controversy Around the Accuracy of Tests, the Efficacy of … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 06/01/2023. (Theme: Implicit Bias)

Guest Post by Dr Paul Viminitz: Reduction.

Dr Paul Viminitz is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lethbridge. No one can accuse me of being fair. But were I to be, then yes, every discipline has its own vocabulary, its own syntax, its own rules of inference … Words, phrases, sentences, they all take their meaning from the discourse in … Continue reading Guest Post by Dr Paul Viminitz: Reduction.

A Speakeasy in the Age of (Speech) Prohibition

In addition to my research, I draw satirical and social & political cartoons I call Saturday Morning Pam-toons (the idea being that I'd publish a new one every Saturday - which hasn't been the case most of this year). The following Pam-toon appeared in the September 2021 edition of the SAFS (Society for Academic Freedom … Continue reading A Speakeasy in the Age of (Speech) Prohibition

A special report by Nathan Honeycutt and Lee Jussim: “The Implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Academia”

You can read Honeycutt and Jussim's report, here. 1 This report, "The Implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion," is published on Jussim's Substack, Unsafe Science. If you wish, you can subscribe to Unsafe Science for free, or access more content and support research for a very modest fee. (I've introduced Lee Jussim in an earlier … Continue reading A special report by Nathan Honeycutt and Lee Jussim: “The Implementation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Academia”

“[Harm-Related]Concept Creep”- Nick Haslam (2016); Nick Haslam et al (2020)

Nick Haslam is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. You can read his profile here. [1] The following two papers by Haslam (2016) and Haslam et al (2020), respectively, are not about EDI. But they are about the expansion of meaning of harm-related concepts, some of which, e.g. trauma and prejudice, are … Continue reading “[Harm-Related]Concept Creep”- Nick Haslam (2016); Nick Haslam et al (2020)