Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.

Two categories this entry: Miscellaneous Social Phenomena and The Possible Relations-to or Implications-for EDI (Today: Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression) Anti-Oppression: A few examples of anti-oppression commitments and activities in Canadian Universities MISCELLANEOUS SOCIAL PHENOMENA AND THEIR POSSIBLE RELATIONS-TO OR IMPLICATIONS-FOR EDI Apocalypse and Anti-Oppression I'm curious about the social phenomena that has contributed to Woke-ism, SJW-ism, … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 13/01/2023.


Friday Reading List. 23/12/2022

Every Friday I will post EDI and related articles that I've read through the week or have been sitting in my stash of articles. Tonight's entry is short, with just two articles. Subsequent entries will be substantially longer. Aryan Karimi, "How equity, diversity and inclusion are becoming a tool for capitalism," The Conversation, December 22, … Continue reading Friday Reading List. 23/12/2022