Welcome to Keeping an Eye on EDI.

I spent time during Covid lockdowns researching Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) programs and policies. Why? 

I worry about the possible n-th order negative consequences of the rapid, ubiquitous, and uncritical adoption of EDI policies and programs in general, and in Canadian universities in particular. I worry that these policies and programs, i.e. their architects and employees, have made critical analyses nigh impossible. E.g. to do so is to reveal your bigotry.

Here I share my research and analyses with scholars and other interested parties. I include citations, or at least all information required for the citation format of your choice. 

I welcome comments and guest contributors. 

I am not inclined to censor trolls and ad hominen attacks in the comments. However, I will limit repetitious comments of these sorts to make the most of productive discussion. So, you get to be nasty only once. 

The organization of this site is a work in progress. Content includes the following:

  • EDI policies and job ads
  • EDI related bibliographies
  • The role of EDI in grants and other funding
  • The role of the Federal and Provincial governments in EDI
  • Critical analyses of EDI concepts and terminology
  • The relationship between woke-ism and EDI
  • Hypotheses of broader historical social phenomena giving rise to EDI; e.g. Liberation Theology
  • Autonomous effects of EDI, both negative and positive
  • The origins and evolution of EDI
  • EDI in the news
  • Suggestions/requests from readers.