A Directory of ALL Canadian Universities with Links to Their Respective EDI & EDI-Related Offices.

Notes about this directory:

  1. I am a lone researcher who compiled this directory by going to each university site and searching EDI and EDI-related offices. Hence, it’s not a perfect document. But it’s useful. I’ve tried to keep the central EDI offices listed immediately below their respective universities.
  2. Through this exercise, I was able to get a lay of the EDI-and EDI-related-landscape in Canadian Universities.
  3. What you will NOT find listed here are the myriad EDI courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, rallies, speakers series, commitment statements, conferences, community collaborations, and campaigns. If you visit some of the larger universities particularly, you will quickly see how overwhelming that endeavour would be. There are also many associations and collaborations between universities. I plan to document a number of these in the coming months.
  4. I learned too late that Women(‘s) and Gender Studies Departments should be included in the directory as they tend to EDI/Social Justice Advocacy, often with an emphasis on Oppression and Power. So, you might want to add these links to the directory as you find them. (I’ve included some here, particularly in the Maritime provinces.)
  5. Feel free to share this directory far and wide. Use it freely for your own research and add-to, subtract-from, and rearrange-it to meet your needs.

Here are two useful additions to the directory:

  1. Canadian Research Chairs Institutional Public Accountability Webpages: https://www.chairs-chaires.gc.ca/program-programme/equity-equite/Institutional-etablissements-eng.aspx

2. Keywords: accessibility; belonging; BLM; anti-black racism; anti-asian racism; racism; diversity, equity; inclusion; inclusivity; culture; aboriginal; indigenous; indigenization; decolonization; Truth and Reconciliation; reconciliation; respect; social justice; justice; women and gender; pride; human rights; Human Resources; oppression; anti-oppression


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