Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI)

Here I’ll just do a brief introduction of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).[1] Recall that my interest is in the EDI system (programs and policies) in Canadian universities, and so I’m primarily concerned with the involvement of the CCDI in these institutions.

In a nutshell, the CCDI is a Canadian Diversity and Inclusion consulting firm with charitable organisation status.

Since the “Our Story” page on the CCDI’s website doesn’t provide a history of the organisation, I turn to Wikipedia for an overview.[2] According to Wikipedia contributors, the CCDI is a late-2013 merger of two organisations, the Canadian Centre for Diversity (CCD) and the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI). The CCD was formerly known as the Canadian Council for Christians and Jews (CCCJ), founded in 1947 to “address issues of antisemitism and promote interfaith dialogue.” In the following years, the CCCJ broadened its mandate to include racism, discrimination, and bullying. In 2008, the CCCJ changed its name to the CCD. By September 2013, the CCD was ready to close its doors due to lack of funding.

Wikipedia contributors note that in 2012, Michael Bach founded the CIDI. Bach formerly worked for KMPG, an international accounting and tax firm. During his employment with KMPG, Bach served seven years in a role he created for himself, the National Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for KPMG in Canada. The merger between the CCD and the CIDI was agreed on in late 2013, but officially took place in 2015. Bach now serves on the CCDI board of directors, and Anne-Marie Pham serves as its CEO.[3]

Leaving off with Wikipedia, let’s have a cursory look at the CCDI’s involvement in Canadian universities and vice versa.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is listed as a founding partner on the CCDI homepage.[1] SFU’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources page notes that, “Simon Fraser University is a founding employer partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). CCDI helps employers effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace.”[4] As a partner with the CCDI, SFU staff and faculty have access to CCDI webinars, free in-person CCDI events, and access to CCDI library.

Other university employer partners (members) of the CCDI include:

*Where possible, I’ve hyperlinked each university to a page demonstrating its CCDI involvement.

Algoma University (Algoma)

Athabasca University (AU)

Cape Breton University (CBU)

Capilano University (CapU)

King’s Western University (UWO)

Lakehead University (Lakehead)

Memorial University (MUN)

Mount Royal University (MRU)

OntarioTech University (OntarioTech)

Royal RoadsUniversity (RRU)

Ryerson University (Now Toronto Metropolitan University, TMU)

Saint Mary’s University (SMU)

University of Alberta (U of A)

University of Guelph (U of Guelph)

University of Lethbridge (ULeth)

Vancouver Island University (VIU)

Further university involvement includes the following:

Wendy Cukier,[5] founder and academic director of the Diversity Institute, Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson)’s Ted Rogers School of Management, wins the CCDI’s 2020 Community Contributor of the Year Award.[6]

Dr. Malinda Smith is the Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President Research (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) at the University of Calgary.[7] Smith also sits on the SSHRC Governance Council.[8][9] In 2016, Malinda Smith won the CCDI’s Community Connector of the Year Award.

On July 22, 2022, I wrote about[10] the Diversity Meter TM, a census developed by the CCDI to profile the physical and psychological properties of constituent members of partner organisations and institutions.


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