What is the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS)?And what has the CSPS to do with EDI in universities?

Why care? The presidents of the Federal Research Granting Agencies — NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR — are Public Service Leaders and so are subject to some of the following curricula.

According to the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) website,

The Canada School of Public Service leads the government’s enterprise-wide approach to learning by providing a common, standardized curriculum that supports public servants through key career transitions, ensuring that they are equipped to serve Canadians with excellence.

The CSPS offers a number of EDI-related courses and learning resources:

Under the Services and information subheading on the homepage, you will note the *new* Learning Catalogue. Thirty-plus courses offered under this category pertain to diversity.

  • You will find here, “Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases1 Product code INC106, Legacy course code W006. This course is delivered online and takes less than one hour to complete:

“Being aware of unconscious biases is an important step towards embracing diversity and fostering a respectful and inclusive workplace. This online self-paced course identifies ways to recognize unconscious bias, observe personal biases, and overcome bias before taking action. Participants will learn how to deal with their own unconscious biases and evaluate their interactions at work with objectivity and nuance.”

Under Learning Path for Executives, you will find, “Equity, diversity and inclusion learning path for executives.2

  • This module is a resource/course pack.

“As a leader, you are in a unique position to shape your organization and build a stronger public service. You can demonstrate your commitment to workplace equity and values around diversity and inclusion by using the anti-racist tools and practices available to you and by applying the principles of GBA Plus, positive spaces, and accessibility.”

To support you in building and strengthening a culture of diversity and inclusion, the School offers the following learning path: 

Below are resources for each of the three phases to assist you in developing the awareness and competencies required for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We recommend that you bookmark this page and visit it regularly to learn about new events and resources.

Under Event Series, you will find the Anti-Racism Event Series.3

  • This page includes dates and event titles (linked) ranging from August 27, 2020-August 2, 2022.

“The Anti-Racism Event Series is designed to help you and your teams understand and have discussions around issues of racism and systemic barriers that exist for marginalized and racialized groups of Canadians. Most of the events in this series are open to all public servants at all levels, with a few events targeted specifically to managers and executives.

This series will feature the latest information on topics such as anti-Black racism, unconscious bias, disaggregated data, mental health and the challenges faced by visible minorities in the public service. Participants can attend events separately or as a comprehensive learning suite depending on their availability.

All these events are offered virtually via webcast. Other learning products, such as presentations for management tables, orientation kits and job aids, will also be made available to support this learning series.”


[1] “Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases,” Canada School of Public Services>Learning Catalogue, Government of Canada, https://catalogue.csps-efpc.gc.ca/product?catalog=INC106&cm_locale=en, accessed September 13, 2022.

[2] “Equity, diversity and inclusion learning path for executives,” Canada School of Public Services>Learning catalogue>Learning paths>Learning path for executives, Government of Canada, https://www.csps-efpc.gc.ca/diversity-inclusion-eng.aspx, accessed September 13, 2022.

[3] “Anti-Racism Event Series,” Canada School of Public Service>Learning Catalogue>Event Series, Government of Canada, https://www.csps-efpc.gc.ca/events/anti-racism/index-eng.aspx, accessed September 13, 2022.


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