Simon Fraser University (SFU)’s EDI Initiative partnered with the SFU Library to develop an EDI resource guide.

The EDI resource guide at SFU is extensive and extremely well-organised, as one would expect given the partnership between the SFU EDI Initiative and the SFU library.

“This EDI guide is made up of curated resources to help you think more deeply about EDI and understand how these concepts are central to creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive SFU community.”

Acknowledgements and authorship 

These Equity, diversity, and inclusion pages were developed as part of the SFU Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in collaboration with the SFU Library.

The resources here build on the significant work of SFU liaison librarian Moninder Lalli, who created and took responsibility for a series of Intercultural Communication and Diversity information resources over the course of many years.

The Library thanks Moninder Lalli for her leadership and dedication to the cause of equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


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