Mandatory Learning Opportunties?

In November 2020, the President of then-Ryerson University (now-Toronto Metropolitan University), Mohamed Lachemi, assembled the Standing Strong Task Force to make recommendations about how to deal with the legacy of Egerton Ryerson, the University’s controversial namesake. (Read my post here.) On August 18, 2021, the task force submitted its report and recommendations.

I’ve tried to read the report charitably, but some of the recommendations are utter nonsense. By which I mean they’re incomprehensible, and not that I disagree. Nor agree. I can’t do either because I’ve no idea what is meant.

Here’s an example.

Recommendation (9), p 18:

The university develop a plan to ensure all academic programs contain mandatory learning opportunities about Indigenous history and Indigenous and colonial relations for all students.

Can anyone tell me what “mandatory learning opportunties” means?


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