Cash Award for Social Justice. University of Victoria. “Provost’s Advocacy and Activism Awards in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

“The University of Victoria acknowledges the presence of dedicated advocates and activists within our community. These individuals address systemic or institutionalized barriers as champions for others. Recognition from others, including the provision of resources, is crucial to fostering an environment that supports and nurtures these individuals or groups and their advocacy and/or activism. These awards recognize the achievements of individuals or groups in the university community (current students, faculty, staff and alumni) who demonstrate dedication to the advancement of social equity through advocacy and/or activism. These awards also celebrate individuals or groups who go beyond the expectations of one’s job, position or responsibility to advance the rights of others.”

“A one-time cash award [bolding mine — PL] will be gifted to two (2) successful nominees based on the two themes of advocacy and/or activism. The amount will be divided evenly among recipients. The awards will be presented annually.”

“Provost’s Advocacy and Activism Awards in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion,” Office of the Vice-President Academic and Provost, Faculty & Librarians, University of Victoria,, accessed July 21, 2022


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