Patanjali Kambhampati, professor in the chemistry department of McGill University, defends the practices of merit, fairness and equality “in lieu of a moralistic belief in DIE.” — National Post, July 20, 2022

“Patanjali Kambhampati: My ‘lived experience’ tells me that diversity, inclusion and equity is antithetical to human liberty,” NP Comment, Special to National Post, National Post,, accessed July 20, 2022.

  • Kambhampati says, “What’s needed are more people who are willing to take a stand against an ideology [EDI] that’s being forced upon them in what are supposed to be bastions of free thought, merit-based outcomes and intellectual curiosity.”

Recall my About post. I said, I worry that [EDI] policies and programs, i.e. their architects and employees, have made critical analyses [of EDI] nigh impossible. E.g. to do so is to reveal your bigotry.

Hence, taking a stand is daunting. Kambhampati gives credence to my worries:

  • “Indeed, those who question the modern religion of DIE [diversity, inclusion, equity] are often cancelled and outcast as racist, sexist, colonialist dinosaurs.”

But Kambhampati doesn’t let these worries keep him from speaking out. He meets them head on:

  • “The means of progress should be derived from humbly examining and advancing the principles of human liberty, rather than holding and defending beliefs in social justice. The only way to proceed is through the free exchange of ideas, which is currently impossible due to the religious-like behaviour of those who aim to shame others into silence.”

The upshot is that Kambhampati not only makes clear what is at stake by failing to take a stand against EDI ideology, but also he, himself, takes that stand. And in stating, “what’s needed are more people” to do so, he invites numbers of people to stand with him. Surely numbers, rather than lone professors, are better able to withstand cancellations and personal attacks.


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